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The Action Connect forum is a place to share and gain tips and advice. Whether you want to talk to someone who has a similar eye condition or get some gardening tips - it's up to you. Find the forum that interests you and start a discussion.

RNIB Connect

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RNIB Connect

We’ve decided to create a wider stronger community bringing together Action Connect and RNIB members. Find out what this means for you and have your say

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Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself to the rest of the Action Connect community.

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Accessibility issues

Please report any issues you have encountered with the website.

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Spammers and scammers

If you come across anything suspicious either within Action Connect or beyond then discuss it here.

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Health and wellbeing

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Eye conditions

Find other people who have the same eye condition as yourself, offer support and advice for living with sight loss.

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Smartphones and tablets

Do you need some advice for your phone or tablet? Perhaps you're a bit of an expert?

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Using computers

Do you need some advice for using a computer with assistive technology?

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Share tips and ask for advice on talking and magnification equipment.

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Lifestyle and leisure

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Activities and events in your area

This is a place to share local activities and events.

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Fashion and style tips

Do you have tips to share? Maybe you're an expert for applying make-up or choosing an outfit in the morning? If you are, or you're looking for some advice this is the place for you!

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Film, Theatre, music, radio, and TV

Seen a good film, gig or Theatre show recently? Or perhaps you're a budding musician? Maybe you want to recommend a good radio show.

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An older man gardens on a sunny day


Perhaps you're a keen gardener or love a good craft afternoon? Share tips with other people with similar interests.

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Holidays and travel

Have you got an experience to share about going on holiday, staying in hotels, camper-vans or barges? Maybe you have a great place to recommend to other blind or partially sighted travelers...

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Sports & exercise

Share tips and advice for staying active, blinds sports and local groups.

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Young people and families

Two visually impaired children smile and wave at the camera while enjoying a lunch at nandos

Parents and carers corner

Share experiences and tips with other parents and carers who also have children with sight loss.

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Work and learning

Assistive tech can enable you to stay in work with sight loss.

Employment tips

Share your experiences of being in, gaining or the challenges in gaining employment

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Volunteering and work opportunities

Post any volunteering or employment opportunities you may have heard about in here.

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Adult education

Share your experiences, good and bad, about going back into education.

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Get involved

Independent living with sight loss.


Action Connect belongs to the community so if you have ideas to improve it let us know! Your ideas are vital to making this community a successful, useful place!

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Play your part

Every week we offer new opportunities, from taking part in surveys to getting involved in shaping our strategy, campaigns and paid work.

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Take your campaign with Action and RNIB to Parliament.

Important issues

Is there an issue you are passionate or concerned about? Perhaps you want to raise awareness or get advice for how to promote the issue? This is the place for you!

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