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Does anyone find it frustrating that there aren't many games for the iPhone. I love games where you can do missions and go on quests. there aren't many like that. I used to play a game called Ayakashi: ghost guild, but now it doesn't work. I think there should be more voice over accessible games.

Posted 9 July 2015 2:04pm (22 months ago)
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Hey, I've played a couple cool games tailored for VI gamers. I don't have a visual impairment personally but both of these have been well reviewed by those who are.

First one is called Papa Sangre which is a horror game based entirely on audio. You have navigate through the afterlife to save your loved one. Very spooky! I really enjoyed it and it has solid reviews. Think they made a sequel too.

Second one is called Nightjar which is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch! Again it's a similar idea of using audio to navigate like Papa Sangre but this time it's set in space on a stranded space ship.

There's a game called King of Dragon Pass which I haven't tried yet. It's an adventure game based entirely on decision making. Looks kind of like Game of Thrones but with dinosaurs apparently!

I've not heard of Ayakashi, was it good? Hopefully they can fix the issue in the next update.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you try any or find more!

Posted 15 July 2015 10:28am (22 months ago)
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SeanRandall says


New to the forum, so sorry to jump in on a quiet thread!

I've recently started playing a game called LifeLine. There aren't missions as such, but it's a game that you have to wait to come back to over the course of days, so it's very addictive. Have a hunt on the App Store and see what you think! it's created by 3 Minute Games.


Posted 23 January 2016 10:10am (15 months ago)
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