Your involvement and ideas are crucial to our online community being a useful place for people affected by sight loss. So, don't wait - submit a group suggestion! Perhaps you want to organise meet-ups in your local area, or talk privately with others affected by the same eye condition.


A young couple sit outside a cafe on a sunny day
Type User Group
Members 7
Posts 9

A group for those with sight difficulties living abroad to support each other.

North East VI Friends

Image shows a smiling woman talking with a man
Type Regional
Members 18
Posts 30

A Group for VI people in North East England to come together and get to know each other.

Assistance dog owner-trainers

Image shows a woman walking with her guide dogs
Type User Group
Members 11
Posts 8

A group where people training their own assistance dogs can discuss training and socialisation strategies that do and do not work.

Staffordshire group

Close up of a person's feet walking using a white cane
Type Regional
Members 16
Posts 39

This group is for anyone who wants to link and connect with others who live in Staffordshire, people with sight loss, their families, carers including children and young people.

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