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There are nearly two million blind or partially sighted people in the UK and every year we provide housing, employment, welfare and leisure support to more than 30,000 people with sight problems. Action isn’t just our name, it’s what we do.

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Our successes - real life stories from our service users

Meet the people that we support and read their personal stories about how Action helps make a difference to their lives.

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Courtney's story

By entering Action for Blind People's Spring raffle, you're helping empower people like Courtney to live independently.

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Robert's story

Robert MacKenzie works for Action for Blind People as an Independent Living Coordinator (ILCO). He has the sight condition macular dystrophy, and has been registered blind since the age of 15.

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Patrick's story

After Patrick, 47, lost his sight and then his job as a residential care officer he was devastated.

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George's story

Please make a donation and help empower people like George to live full and independent lives

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Lynette's story

Drawing on her own experiences of how Action has helped her to rebuild her life, Lynette demonstrated just how much can be achieved with the right support and training.

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Bernie's story

Struggling to be independent, Bernie had not only lost her sight, she’d lost her confidence. Born with limited vision, she had 35 operations before bleeding behind her eye destroyed her remaining sigh

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