How to use Action Connect

Action Connect is an online community for anyone affected by sight loss. Whether you’re looking for specific information, such as tech tips or advice for your eye condition, Action Connect is the place for you.

Image shows a blind women smiling widely in the sunshine

Registering and logging in

First things first – you need to register and sign in! If you’re registering with us you’ll just need to fill in a short form. You can find the link to register at the top of every page. Now you’re ready to sign in.


Connect’s forums are the quickest way to start interacting with others, whether you have a specific question or are just looking to chat.

The forum has different categories to help guide discussions, these include: health and wellbeing, technology, lifestyle and ways to get involved. Within each you’ll find sub-categories which again help refine the discussions you’ll find within to make sure all discussions are relevant and engaging.

Once you’ve found the forum you’re interested in you can either join an existing discussion, start your own or both! If you can’t find a relevant discussion then go ahead and start your own by clicking ‘new discussion’. You’ll then best asked to enter a subject (this will be the identify to others what the discussion is about) and a message (this is where you can enter your information such as posing a question or offer a tip) There’s no need to be shy; the Action Connect community are a friendly bunch.

If you find a discussion that interests you but you don’t feel like leaving a comment you can always just hit the ‘follow discussion’ button at the top of the discussion. This way you’ll receive updates when people post in the discussion.


Groups are a place for sustained discussion around a particular topic or location, for instance we have a Staffordshire group for people wanting to connect locally.

Unlike forum discussions which you create immediately groups are suggested via group suggestion form. The Action Connect team then receive a notification a group has been suggested. We’ll then create a group, adding you, if there is a wider interest in the suggested group, this will make sure you’re not all alone in your group!

If you see a group you are interested in click ‘join group’ just under its information and the person who runs the group will get an email notification asking to add you to the group.

Your profile dashboard

On your profile dashboard you can edit and view your profile, update your email preferences, change your password and change your people search option.

It also displays your recent activity in forums, groups and private conversations (the last two are only viewable to yourself).

People search

You can opt in to the people search on your profile dashboard. Doing so will make it easier for other community members to find you, making connections that much easier. Your profile will be findable in the people search tool. It’s important to note that none of your personal information will be displayed.

To use this tool simply go to People Search and select at least one of the search options, including interests, name and post code. You will then see members who match your search criteria.


The events section features events from Action for Blind People, RNIB, partner organisations and even Connect members. The only rule is that they have to be relevant to the community.

If you would like to add events to Action Connect please email


Our blogs cover any topic that will interest and engage the community, from technology to personal experiences.

If you’re interested in blogging on Action Connect or have ideas for the section please leave a comment in the blog suggestion discussion forum.