Get involved

Volunteer with us

a tall man guides a blind women in a shop

We rely on our volunteers' effort and enthusiasm, from getting involved in service user research groups to helping out in our offices.

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Campaign with us

Take your campaign with Action and RNIB to Parliament.

We work with RNIB to campaign on issues that matter to you. Every day thousands of people across the UK are campaigning for change. Campaign with us - together we can make a difference!

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Involvement - working together

Image shows a blind women smiling widely in the sunshine

The aim of Involvement is to give our service users a voice, and to ensure that everything we do is informed by the insight and experience of people with sight loss.

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Fundraise for Action

Two boys on a rollercoaster smiling and waving

Have fun fundraising for Action. We've got fundraising ideas for individuals, groups and organisations, as well as news about events, activities and special offers for supporters like you!

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Partner with us

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Action for Blind People is committed to collaboration and partnership. We recognise that we can’t do everything on our own and firmly believe that ‘Together we are stronger’.

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