Financial assistance

Purchasing items of assistive technology can be quite expensive and therefore support may be needed to help you to buy the equipment. Action, along with RNIB, can help

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RNIB Grants Scheme

RNIB offer  grants for a small range of technology.  These include: 

  • Computer assistive software, such as Dolphin guide, various magnification packages and upgrades to both. 
  • IVona text to speech voices. 
  • Video magnifiers (both portable and TV linked). 
  • Voice recorders and Dictaphones.
  • Alto 2 mobile phone, or the equivalent amount towards another accessible phone.

There are qualifying criteria for this and further information can be found on the RNIB’s website

Independent living coordinators

Action have a network of Independent living Co-ordinators who can work alongside you to identify possible sources of funding and put together an application.  Grants can vary from area to area and it is important that all avenues are explored, locally as well as nationally. 

Contact your local Action team.

Sightline directory

We appreciate that not everyone wants, or needs, someone from Action to help them to look for funding and will prefer to do it themselves.  If that’s you, then a good place to start would be RNIB’s “Sightline” directory. This is an online database which contains the contact details for thousands of organisations offering different types of support to people with sight loss.  Some will offer financial assistance towards the cost of purchasing equipment.

Other sources of help

For those under the age of 25, grants may be available for specific items of technology from  Blind Children UK.

For veterans of the Armed Forces, assistance is available from Blind Veterans UK. Support does not rely on you having a visual impairment as a result of you serving in the forces.   

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