Types of technology

At Action, we can assist you in accessing a whole variety of technology, from computers to televisions and from smartphones and tablets to video magnifiers. We can demonstrate how technology can be used to access many opportunities.

The list of technology that we cover below is by no means a complete list of available technology but an overall guide to what’s out there.

a close up of a women using a large print keyboard with her laptop

Computer accessibility 

Sight loss does not prevent access to the world of computing.  PC and Apple computers both have varying inbuilt settings that can magnify the contents on the screen, make information appear in high contrast and also enable text to be spoken to you via a screen reader. 

Additional software

Alternatively, if inbuilt settings are not effective, additional software can be used to magnify, highlight and/or speak contents on the screen. 

Smartphones and tablets

These are touch screen devices that contain varying levels of accessibility such as magnification, screen reading and voice activation options. 

Video magnifiers

These devices come in a range of sizes, from portable to desktop and from TV to computer linked.  Essentially, they contain a camera which projects images onto a screen – which can then be increased or decreased in magnification, have high colour contrasts applied to them or in some cases text can be spoken out by a text reader. 

Further Information

If you would like to find out more and discuss technology options please contact your nearest Action Team or Resource Centre.

You can also find local providers of assistive technology using RNIB’s Sightline directory.

Or contact the RNIB helpline on 0303 123 9999

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