Our employment service offers advice for blind and partially sighted people. We have information about retaining employment, and skills development. We can also offer a personal assessment and advice on presenting your disability positively.

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Action Employment Line: call us on 0800 440 2255

Our Employment Line is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, for employment advice ranging from CV writing to information on Access to Work. 

Call 0800 440 2255 for employment advice and information on employment services. You can also email our Employment Line at employmentline@actionforblindpeople.org.uk.

If you're a job seeker, friends or family, employers, those at risk of losing their jobs and for employment professionals looking for information. We will answer all of your employment related questions, or can point you in the direction of further expertise.


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Looking for a job

Help and advice if you're looking for a job.

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A smiling blind woman receives employment advice in an office environment

Help with finding work

There are organisations and schemes which are designed to help you with finding work and developing your skills. These range from government organised schemes to social enterprises.

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Assistive tech can enable you to stay in work with sight loss.

Staying in your job

Many people choose to give up their jobs as soon as they start to lose their sight. Sometimes they are forced to leave as employers mistakenly believe that they are not fit to carry on. 74 per cent of

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Image shows a smiling blind woman sitting on a chair during an employment advice session

Leaving your job

If you are leaving your job either because your position has been made redundant, you would like to resign, you are due to retire, or you have been dismissed from a job there are some useful resources

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Employment rights

Knowing what your rights are in employment can help avoid discrimination. If you feel you are being discriminated against please contact one of our employment coordinators who can advise you on your r

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A smiling visually impaired woman sitting on a desk in an meeting room at Transport for London

Employer awards

Action is recognising employers who have helped blind and partially sighted staff to work on a par with their sighted counterparts. Nominate your employer for a ‘See the Capability, Not the Disability

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