Eye health

We have information about eye exams and referral to hospital, what it means to lose your sight and why you would register sight loss.

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Information about sight loss including different eye conditions, what it means to lose your sight, registering sight loss, preventing sight loss, research and FAQs about sight loss.

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A simulation of Diabetic Retinopathy showing patchy vision.

Eye conditions

Find out about the symptoms, causes and treatment for the most common eye conditions.

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Diagram of the eye anatomy.

How the eye works

The anatomy of the eye is made up of different parts which are all vital for vision. Light passes into the eye through the cornea, the iris opens the pupil depending on how much light there is. The li

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Glasses and a page of printed materials.

Looking after your eyes

Over half of all sight loss is due to preventable or treatable causes. With an estimated two million blind and partially sighted people living in the UK, this means that a million people are currently

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A male eye specialist visits a female patient with optometry equipment

Eye examinations

An eye examination is not just a check to see if you need glasses, it is an essential check of the health of your eyes.

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A young blind women sits on a bus

Losing your sight

Losing some or all of your sight can be very distressing and have a big effect on your life. People tell us that they struggle with a range of emotions from shock, anger, sadness and frustration, to d

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A female eye specialist conducting a visit with a female patient

Sight loss registration

If your eye doctor thinks your sight is very poor and is unlikely to improve, they will suggest you register your sight problems with your local health authority. When you register your sight with you

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Sight Loss advisers or ECLOs can advise and support newly diagnosed people with sight loss.

Sight loss adviser

Sight loss advisers, also known as Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs), are there to support people at diagnosis by offering practical and emotional support.

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