Assistive technology

If you are affected by sight loss, are you aware that technology exists that may enable you to continue in or gain employment, pursue hobbies and interests, make the most of your leisure time and keep in touch with friends and relatives?

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Assistive technology and digital inclusion

We can assist you to familiarize yourself with relevant products and enable you to access digital services such as email, the internet and more. 

This can be done either through training delivered by our own staff and volunteers, or by working in partnership with other organisations.

Remember – it’s not all about computers.  We can talk to you about other devices, including phones, mobiles, smartphones, iPads (and other tablets) and electronic/video magnifiers that have features and adaptations built in to enable access.

Find out more about types of Assistive technology products. 

Assistive Technology Coordinators   

Our Assistive Technology Coordinators are here to explain what technology can do for you.  They can assess your needs and abilities and discuss the various equipment options available – so you could still use the internet to search for information and services, and join online groups.

Contact your local Action team for support.

Online Today   

We are working with the RNIB Group to deliver a 3 year Big Lottery funded project named Online Today. Our team of Technology Coordinators across the country are working with local and national organisations to encourage and enable more people with sight loss to get online; resulting in a whole new world of information, resources and opportunities to increase their independence.

Resource centres   

Action has a number of Resource Centres located across the country. These are designed to enable you to find out about the latest products and to try before buying. 


Do you have a passion for technology and would you like to share this with others? Within Action for blind people and the RNIB group in general, there are opportunities for you to help and assist many people in various areas of technology.  These include: 

Information and advice for technology

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Want some more information about technology and how it could support you in everyday life?

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